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About us

Why El Paso?

El Paso Residence gave birth from the experiences of 3 brothers who during their university and postgraduate studies were in different university residences around the world. From that experience and having experienced such problems of living together, they decided to create the El Paso residence

Everything has been evaluated and created with the utmost detailed care.

By and for students.

From its excellent location, to the fact that all the rooms are individual, to the complementary services such as laundry or cleaning; everything has been chosen so that the Residence adds to the student’s day to day life.

The best location
Single rooms
Complete facilities and ample services


These rules are governed by good will. They are basic conditions of coexistence. We want everyone living in El Paso to feel comfortable and safe, and to find a pleasant and friendly environment.

  • Make proper use of the facilities and equipment at your disposal.
  • Take good care to register every entry and exit you make at the Residence.
  • Take care of your personal hygiene and dress appropriately in the common areas.
  • Act responsibly and politely, respecting the freedom and welfare of others, helping each other with coexistence and the study environment.
  • You are not allowed to consume any type of drugs, narcotics, or alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the Residence building.
  • No other person (resident or not) will be allowed to enter or occupy another resident’s room when he/she is absent (except cleaning and maintenance service), nor will he/she be allowed to share the room with him/her.
  • The common areas will be available to residents from 08:00h to 22:00h.
    The library is open 24 hours a day.
  • For sanitary reasons, plants and animals are not allowed in the rooms.


Mónica Rivero

She will be the person who will help you throughout your moving process and subsequent stay. She has studied and lived in the United Kingdom and Ghana. She speaks perfect English and is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it.


The El Paso residence produces most of the energy it consumes, clean and sustainable, with an extensive installation of solar panels on the roof of the building.